Have you tried Hyperlapse?

Hyperlapse is a fun video iOS app from Instagram that allows you to shoot beautiful time-lapse videos without any expensive equipment. It has automatic stabilization so you end up with clear, cinematic like footage. It’s great to capture your world and compress a long period of time into a matter of seconds to share with friends via social media. Definitely check it out, It’s available for free in the apple store.



Have You Tried Dubsmash?

This is one of my new favorite mobile apps. Dubsmash is a lip-synching app that allows you to recreate movie scenes and create dubbed viral music videos for fun. You can match a clip of yourself performing a song or film scene with audio from the original. You can upload sounds or select from a list of audio clips uploaded by others. These include excerpts from popular TV shows, movies, popular chart hits and musicals too. After selecting an audio clip, you can record your own video to play with the sound you have chosen and you can then share the clip you created with your friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or in a text message. Definitely check it out! http://www.dubsmash.com/