Are You Ready To Accept The Challenge?

The Hercules Fitness Challenge is May 28, 2016 at the Orange County Fair Grounds. Test your limits with a road run followed by an obstacle course race. There are categories for all fitness levels and children’s races too. First you will run a 5k/10k, then you will begin the obstacle portion which is labeled according to difficulty. It’s something fun to work towards as an individual or as an entire family. For more information or to sign up go to:



Are You Up for A Challenge?

Saturday October 3rd is the 1st Hercules Fitness Challenge right here in Middletown NY. It’s a 5k with 12 obstacles to test your physical and mental strength. [Ages 14+] Perfect for all fitness levels. Live band, DJ, BBQ & More… #CheckItOut

To register or for more info go to


Test Your Limits

Looking for something fun and physically challenging to work towards this summer? Why not try a Spartan Race… It’s a 3+ mile muddy obstacle course race for everyone from beginners to athletes. It tests your limits both physically & mentally. Last summer I did my first one and it was an awesome experience. This summer I plan on getting a group together and going even harder. It may be tough but once you complete it you feel amazing, it’s such a great accomplishment. These races happen nationwide but the nearest one to us in the Hudson Valley is at Tuxedo Ridge ski area on Saturday May 30th & Sunday May 31st 2015. Here is a clip to show you what it’s all about:

If your interested in getting more info or signing up go to