Duo: Taking Video Calls To Another Level

Duo is a new one on one video calling app from Google. It will be released for both Android and iOs devices This Summer. You can connect to anyone from anywhere in the world, both fast or slow connections will work seamlessly with your wifi and/or cellular data. You use your own phone number to make calls and connect with friends. The thing that intrigued me most is the Knock Knock feature, it’s a live preview of the caller before you answer. No worries too, your video calls will be secure and private with end to end encryption. I’m excited to try it, can’t wait for it’s official release. Here is a little clip to show you how it will work:


Shoot Instant Moving Pics With Phhhoto


Phhhoto is a fun mobile app I recently discovered. It’s not your typical photo or video app… It takes a series of images and puts them together to make an animated image that loops. Very similar to a GIF but it uses a new format which has more color. Trust me once you create a Phhhoto you’ll be hooked. The app is also cool in a sense it’s built like it’s own social network. You can find friends, share across other social media platforms, hashtag & more. If you want some inspiration or are just curious to see what amazing pieces others have made you can check out the “WOW” tab.

Click here to see one that I made of my puppy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.57.22 PM

It’s available now for free in iOS store & via Google Play. #CheckItOut

Save Money On Gasoline, Why Not?

Even though gas prices are currently going down, it really comes in handy to know what the lowest prices are in your area or even in an area your traveling through. Saving money is always a good thing, right? Thats why I love the GasBuddy app. This app that uses crowd recommendations to suggest the best places to fill up, essentially giving you a more efficient way than asking the neighbors about the best places they’ve found. Users can sort by octane (regular, midgrade, premium, diesel), distance and, of course, price. You can also check out the stations submitted to the app on a map, to see if it’s possible to make it to that cheaper station. Free, for Android and iOS. #checkitout

Gas Buddy

Crush Your Fitness Goals

I’ve been using the Fitbit Flex for about 2 weeks and I must say its pretty awesome! This fitness tracking band allows you to track your daily activity (…your steps, sleeping patterns, etc.) It wirelessly syncs with your phone, tablet or computer so you can track your data and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. I have mine set at 10,000 steps a day and I find myself trying to find a way to get those extra steps in like parking farther, taking the stairs or just going for a run. It definitely keeps me on my toes. Heres a little video that better explains how it all works:

And for all you fashionista’s out there they are working on an exclusive collaboration so that you can transform your band with the signature collection, prints & designs of Tory Burch. You’ll be able to turn your Fitbit Flex into a chic accessory for the weekend, day or evening. #excited For more information & to find out where you can purchase your own Fitbit Flex go to http://www.fitbit.com/flex

Do You Brabble?

Brabble is a new social sharing app that is taking on the world by storm. This free app allows you to capture, create, and share moments in any format including pictures, audio, video, and text. Once your connected to the global Brabble social network you can “brabbleback” to a shared moment. For example, you can answer a video post with a cool clip of your own. Its awesome how you can jump around with the way you want to communicate with your friends. If your interested in giving Brabble a try you can download it for free at the Apple App Store.


OVER: An App To Add Beautiful Text To Your Photos


If you’re on Instagram or Facebook you may have noticed some people sharing photos with text written over the image and wondered, “How did they do that?” The answer: This amazing iOS app called OVER . How it works: Snap. Type. Share. It’s that easy! Simply choose from 25 amazing fonts available, and add captions, quotes, jokes, etc… Then you can then resize, align and position your text. Finally when finished you can quickly publish your creation on your social networks. This is one of my favorite apps & I hope you enjoy it too. Its available now on Apple App Store.

Here is a little something I just made using OVER: