Are You Ready To Accept The Challenge?

The Hercules Fitness Challenge is May 28, 2016 at the Orange County Fair Grounds. Test your limits with a road run followed by an obstacle course race. There are categories for all fitness levels and children’s races too. First you will run a 5k/10k, then you will begin the obstacle portion which is labeled according to difficulty. It’s something fun to work towards as an individual or as an entire family. For more information or to sign up go to:



Make 2016 your best fitness year yet!

If your looking for a good starting point definitely check out the C25K (Couch to 5k) app. It’s a free smartphone app/fitness program that helps anyone reach the goal of running a 5k in 8 weeks. It gives you a step by step approach to accomplish this goal. You only commit to training 3x a week for 30-40mins. You can even sync your favorite music to the app to help keep you motivated. It’s a great app and I’m actually using it myself too to help build up my endurance. It’s available now for both Apple & Android devices. #CheckItOut



Get Paid For Completing Your Workouts, Why Not?

Do you need some motivation to get moving again? Pact is the perfect way to get you inspired. How does it work? Make a commitment to your fitness by choosing how many days you will work out that week. Next, choose the amount of money you are willing to wager in favor of you fulfilling your commitment. If you don’t achieve your goal? Your credit card gets charged. Achieve your goal? You get paid! The days of being paid to workout have finally come! You can also setup a pact for food tracking and eating your veggies too.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android; Cost: Free

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Crush Your Fitness Goals

I’ve been using the Fitbit Flex for about 2 weeks and I must say its pretty awesome! This fitness tracking band allows you to track your daily activity (…your steps, sleeping patterns, etc.) It wirelessly syncs with your phone, tablet or computer so you can track your data and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. I have mine set at 10,000 steps a day and I find myself trying to find a way to get those extra steps in like parking farther, taking the stairs or just going for a run. It definitely keeps me on my toes. Heres a little video that better explains how it all works:

And for all you fashionista’s out there they are working on an exclusive collaboration so that you can transform your band with the signature collection, prints & designs of Tory Burch. You’ll be able to turn your Fitbit Flex into a chic accessory for the weekend, day or evening. #excited For more information & to find out where you can purchase your own Fitbit Flex go to