Loving That Tune, But Not Sure What It Is?

Check out Shazam.

Let’s say your at the grocery store and you hear a song you like, but your not sure what the name of it is. You go to the Shazam app, click the screen and the app listens to the music playing. Within seconds it detects what it is. It will give you the title, artist, album and even song lyrics. You can also share your tags with your friends by text, email, Twitter and Facebook. I love this app & it always comes in handy.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android; Cost: Free



Paint & Party

Looking for something different to do on a night out? Check out Paintbrushes & Party. You go smock up, get your brushes ready, grab a glass of wine (if your 21+) & your ready to go. Music playing in the background you can get up dance a bit while you paint a beautiful piece of art. Each class is taught by a local artist who shows you step by step directions suitable for any skill level. They run classes throughout the week, plus kids club on Sundays. For more info or to sign up for a class go to http://www.paintbrushesandparty.com/calendar.php