Duo: Taking Video Calls To Another Level

Duo is a new one on one video calling app from Google. It will be released for both Android and iOs devices This Summer. You can connect to anyone from anywhere in the world, both fast or slow connections will work seamlessly with your wifi and/or cellular data. You use your own phone number to make calls and connect with friends. The thing that intrigued me most is the Knock Knock feature, it’s a live preview of the caller before you answer. No worries too, your video calls will be secure and private with end to end encryption. I’m excited to try it, can’t wait for it’s official release. Here is a little clip to show you how it will work:

Get Things Done With Any.do

This is my new favorite to-do list / task management app. With Any.do you can plan your entire day ahead and set reminders so you don’t forget whats important. One of the main things that I love is it’s clean minimalist design that is very easy to navigate and work with. It’s free (the app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones) plus you have the ability to sync across all your devices. Here is a little video that shows more about it:

For more info or download the app go to http://www.any.do/

Save Money On Gasoline, Why Not?

Even though gas prices are currently going down, it really comes in handy to know what the lowest prices are in your area or even in an area your traveling through. Saving money is always a good thing, right? Thats why I love the GasBuddy app. This app that uses crowd recommendations to suggest the best places to fill up, essentially giving you a more efficient way than asking the neighbors about the best places they’ve found. Users can sort by octane (regular, midgrade, premium, diesel), distance and, of course, price. You can also check out the stations submitted to the app on a map, to see if it’s possible to make it to that cheaper station. Free, for Android and iOS. #checkitout

Gas Buddy

Star Chart

Have you ever gazed into the night sky and wondered about the planets, stars & constellations locations? There is this pretty cool FREE app called Star Chart that makes it so you have a star chart in your pocket. You just look through the eyes of your smart phone onto the whole visible universe. All you have to do is point your device at the sky and the star chart tells you exactly what your looking at. Using GPS technology the star chart app calculates in real time the location of every star and planet visible from earth. You can also see what the night sky looks like for people on the other side of earth, you just point you device down. I love using this app especially on starry nights. Its available for both apple & android devices. #checkitout