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We are officially in week 2 of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Nearly 200 of the region’s top restaurants are offering three-course dinners for $29.95 & lunches for $20.95. This is such a great deal! I made a reservation for the Benjamin Steakhouse in Westchester on Thursday. I’ve never been there before but i’ve heard great things.

For more info & the full listing of participating restaurants go to:


Test Your Limits

Looking for something fun and physically challenging to work towards this summer? Why not try a Spartan Race… It’s a 3+ mile muddy obstacle course race for everyone from beginners to athletes. It tests your limits both physically & mentally. Last summer I did my first one and it was an awesome experience. This summer I plan on getting a group together and going even harder. It may be tough but once you complete it you feel amazing, it’s such a great accomplishment. These races happen nationwide but the nearest one to us in the Hudson Valley is at Tuxedo Ridge ski area on Saturday May 30th & Sunday May 31st 2015. Here is a clip to show you what it’s all about:

If your interested in getting more info or signing up go to

Winter Gala: Black & White Showcase [An Art & Live Music Exhibition]

If your into art this is definitely an event you don’t want to miss. It’s the One Year Anniversary of Mass Art Showcases and Teran Studio in Newburgh is hosting the Winter Gala: Black & White Showcase [An Art & Live Music Exhibition] on January 31st from 6pm to 10pm.

This exhibition includes work from some of the most talented artists living and working in the Hudson Valley. The compilation is considered to be one of the most exciting collections of outsider art in the area.

Artists Include:
Will Teran
Amanda Light
Erika Joy
Nicholas Bach
Stephanie Eichelberger
Meech Borello
Justine La Mantia
Samuel Rolon
Kristin Farkas
Alissa Lea
Terri Vargas
Courtney Simondemontfort
Amanda Henneberry
Bruno Krauchthaler

• Ice Carving by Bill Bywater
• Music by DJ Far East
• Live performance from I’M AWAKE at 9pm.

See You There #checkitout

Teran Studio
119 Broadway
Newburgh NY

Grand Winter Gala

Leave Your Wallet At Home In 2015

It’s amazing where technology is going, especially with mobile payment systems. I was instantly intrigued when I saw someone using this new mobile app and phone case created by LoopPay. It’s similar to Apple Pay in the sense you pay with your phone but different because it already works at over 10 million merchants. The stores don’t need any special connections or anything. You just hold your phone next to where you slide your card and the same magnetic signal is emitted, then your good to go.

Here is a video that explains it all:


The day I saw it I went out and bought it, haven’t looked back since. To find out more info check out

Love Freestyle Music?

Valentines Day • Saturday Feb 14th, 2015 experience the Hudson Valley’s first annual freestyle…

Hudson Heart Red Ball

featuring Soave, Lisa Lisa, Judy Torres, Safire, Nocerra and more!!

Tickets available now at