Thanksgiving Eve Fun!

Get ready for an awesome night of dancing and fun with friends! Wednesday Nov 26th, experience the biggest party night of the year at Union Tavern (51 Market St. Poughkeepsie NY). Hosted by K104′s Bill Beale. Music by K104′s Mister Vince, David Barese & Ryan Michaels. Party Starts @ 10pm • 21+ only. #checkitout

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Top Holiday Shopping Apps

1.  Shopkick


Shopkick is a must-have for discount-shoppers. Even if you don’t purchase anything, Shopkick will reward you for stopping by. Get points, or “kicks,” whenever you walk into a store. Redeem them for gift certificates at stores like Tiffany’s and American Eagle Outfitters. Finally, window shopping pays off. Big spenders get even more kicks. The app uses your location to show which stores are participating. Get 200 kicks for walking into Macy’s. It only takes 100 kicks to redeem a new mascara. The best Black Friday deals are the freebies. This app is available on iOS and Android.

2. SnipSnap


Clipping coupons is so old-fashioned. With SnipSnap, there’s no longer a need to carry around a stack of physical coupons. SnipSnap lets users snap photos of their favorite coupons and store them within the app, making them readily searchable. SnipSnap also allows you to browse the coupons of other users. From books to baby toys, there are over 1.1 million coupons on the site, with an estimated $113 million in savings so far. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

3. SaleSorter


Before getting in line, it’s helpful to determine which stores have the best deals. The SaleSorter app uses your smartphone’s location to show which discounts are currently available at your local stores. SaleSorter uses a map to show you where the deals are. It also includes store hours and contact info. Call and see how the lines are, before you make the trek to the mall. SaleSorter is available on iOS.

Have You Tried BurgerFi?

A burger restaurant unlike any other just opened in Poughkeepsie this weekend. BurgerFi focuses on using all-natural, free-range beef with no chemicals or additives. Their burgers taste super yummy and they are better for you. Unlike typical fast food they built a menu with specialty items like Kobe beef hot dogs, gourmet toppings, delectable desserts, craft beer & wine, and an overall focus on a healthier menu selection. I got to try a single cheese burger plain with a side of Onion rings and it was soooo good. If your nearby the Vassar college area definitely stop by and try it.

BurgerFi is located at 60 Raymond Ave Poughkeepsie, NY

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Star Chart

Have you ever gazed into the night sky and wondered about the planets, stars & constellations locations? There is this pretty cool FREE app called Star Chart that makes it so you have a star chart in your pocket. You just look through the eyes of your smart phone onto the whole visible universe. All you have to do is point your device at the sky and the star chart tells you exactly what your looking at. Using GPS technology the star chart app calculates in real time the location of every star and planet visible from earth. You can also see what the night sky looks like for people on the other side of earth, you just point you device down. I love using this app especially on starry nights. Its available for both apple & android devices. #checkitout


Oh Yes It’s Ladies Night!

Come party with me Friday night to kick off our all new Ladies Night at Union Tavern in Poughkeepsie. Get ready to dance all night, I’ll be on the turntables playing all your favorites. This is a 21 and over event. Hope to see you there